A look ahead at what the future will hold. A popular trend these days.

The real estate market is one of the biggest culprits of trying to predict the future.

Will the value of my home go up?

Will mortgage rates go up, or go down?

Will Inventory ever increase?

These answers are not always simple and usually contain some sort of caveat about if this or that happens.

So how about I keep it way easy and say…

  • Yes Home values will grow.
  • Yes Mortgage rates will increase…at least a little.
  • No Inventory woes are not likely to change for awhile.

Of course the “WHY’s” have been analyzed, stats run through data programs, economists predict what consumers will do, historians put things in perspective.

The moral of this opinion:

  • If you have finally saved enough money to buy a home, then buy a home.
  • If your family has outgrown your current home, then sell it and buy one that fits your families needs.
  • If you feel your home is WAY to big and you want to downsize, then sell your home and downsize.
  • If you fell like its time for a change, then make that change.

Don’t let the predictions dictate your life. Live now and follow your heart.

After all, Home IS where the heart is!