Top trends that impact homebuyers and sellers in 2018 come from a survey by Here are the top five trends buyers are shopping for.


Smart Home Technology

Smart homes have taken off in the last few years with the introduction of systems like Apple Home and Amazon’s Alexa. 


Adding smart home technology to a home costs an average of $5000 – $9000, but can increase the value of the home by about 5%. However, upgrades should be within 5 years time because after that, technology becomes outdated. The most popular items include smart lights, thermostats and security features.


Open Floor Plans

Continuing a trend from years past is the open floor plan. The open plan allows buyers to create a space that works for them, rather than rely on working around rooms already there. 


Opening up rooms by removing non load-bearing walls can bring the rate of return (ROI) on resale up to 60%.


Solar Energy

Solar Energy is not a new trend but it has been making big gains over the past few years. The national average cost to install solar panels is between $20,000 – $25,000. This cost usually offsets over time by reducing the energy costs.


Voice Control Systems

Voice Control Systems aka. Artificial Intelligence (AI), are becoming increasingly popular among homebuyers. Google, Alexa and Apple Home have made it easy to control the lights, thermostat, door locks and appliances, by simply speaking.


All this can be added to a home and ready to use immediately.