How to Hire a Realtor

Before hiring a REALTOR to represent your interests in the sale of your home, ask them the following questions. Although there are no right or wrong answers, how each REALTOR answers the questions will give you a good idea of the experience, professionalism, knowledge of the market, and customer service you would expect to receive from that REALTOR.

How long have you been a licensed REALTOR?

2. Do you work as a full-time REALTOR?

3. Do you have assistants that work for you?

4. How many homes did you list last year that sold?

5. How many homes did you list last year that failed to sell?

6. How many of the listings you took did you actually sell yourself?

7. How many houses did you sell last year?

8. What was your average list price to sale price for your listings?

9. What is the RMLS average list price to sale price?

10. What are the average days your listings are on the market?

11. What are the RMLS average days on the market?

12. Where do you advertise and how often?

13. How do you communicate with seller’s and how often?

14. Why should I hire you?