Going alone was not the way to go

We were first time buyers and consider ourselves bright people, so we educated ourselves, gathering as much real estate related information from books, news media, friends, family & colleagues. Some people suggested that we might not even need a realtor, that we could do it ourselves. So, after dipping our toes in the water, we quickly realized that alone was not the way to go. We needed someone with expertise in the local real estate market, someone with experience. Basically, we wanted the job done right. A good friend of ours recommended Kim, so we called and the ball got rolling pretty quickly. In the end, Kim found us a wonderful home. We could not have asked for a better realtor. Kim was thoroughly professional, always efficient and really just a pleasure to work with. And most importantly to us, she was always upfront and honest. In the beginning, when we weren’t as discerning as we should have been, Kim correctly steered us away from certain homes, even when though those same homes may have resulted in a bigger profit margin for her. It was all the little things that made the difference for us. Like our friend did for us, we would recommend Kim in a heartbeat.