Kim sold our farm quickly and at the price we asked for

It is my pleasure to relate our experience with Kim Heddinger. Due to my wife’s declining health, it was necessary to sell our farm and move into town where health care was more timely. This was not a routine exchange of property since rural property is unique and appeal only to discriminating buyers, whereas the special requirements for a home severely limit the number of buyers from which to choose. We talked with a number of real estate agents before deciding to work with Kim because of her professionalism and enthusiasm, her great experience and esoteric grasp of the market, and her selfless determination to work for best the interest of her clients. She sold our farm quickly and at the price we asked for.

When searching for a new home in town Kim forwent an easy, quick commission. We were in her office preparing to sign a contract for a house. She said, “Do you really want this house? I’m sure I can do better for you”. And she did. She found the perfect house for us.

If a person has property to sell or wants to buy property, the best decision that person can make is phone Kim; the worst decision that person can make is not calling Kim.