Skilled Negotiator

Kim spent two years helping us to relocate here, beginning in summer of 2016 with a tour of some neighborhoods she thought would work for us, right through closing. She is a skilled negotiator and was enormously helpful during the inspection process. We ended up buying a beautiful house for  substantially below market value; in fact, we are now likely to receive a refund of part of our property taxes for that reason. Throughout the process, and for months AFTER the sale when there was no advantage in it for her, Kim demonstrated amazing local knowledge and has recommended everything from title companies, home insurance companies, inspectors, landscapers– even cleaning ladies– and all of them have been consistently excellent. She regularly thought of things I did not. For example, since we moved to Eugene from a warmer client, she suggested we winterize our lawn sprinkler system to make sure pipes didn’t burst at the first freeze and recommended people to do the job. This was long after the sale. I can’t recommend her highly enough.