We recommend Golden Realty

We first met Kim & Lynell while they were showing a home near our neighborhood. We went to compare prices versus properties. They were extremely professional and pleasant to talk with, and made us feel at home. We knew we were going to sell our home soon and had not yet decided on a realtor. After our visit, there was no question we would contact Golden Realty and we were pleasantly surprised with the result of our first contact.

Kim must have spent hours comparing properties and values and then presented us with professional comparison book complete with suggestions on how to price it as well as how to show it. All this without any commitment from us. It didn’t take long to decide to use Golden Realty as our realtor and would do so again anytime.

Kim was able to sell our home for a good price and walk us through the “whole house inspection” issues.

We felt comfortable that our interest was being cared for at all times and Kim continued to keep us updated as to changes in the market, as well as any other items that arose. We couldn’t have done this without the competent and professional people at Golden Realty.

We recommend Golden Realty to all of you, and if you decide not to use them, we wish you the best of luck, you will need it.